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We want to be a support and awareness organization for the general population, but more particularly for the population directly concerned by the post-adoption / reunion sector. The right to know for all is our main objective.

Why we exist ?

Guide and accompany thousands of people to come together and maintain harmonious relations by increasing mutual understanding of each of them.

Organization history
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Did you know ?

Only in the province of Quebec, between 1920 and 1970

There would have been: 
300,000 children placed for adoption
  • 200,000 adopted
  • 100,000 not adopted
600,000 biological parents 
400,000 adoptive parents 

So, 1,300,000 people directly affected. In addition, there are members of biological and adoptive families (sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.)

Do you feel concerned? 

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We support you

By registering for the Mouvement Retrouvailles, if the reunion is organized by the CISSS/CIUSSS/SASIE, you can request to be accompanied by the Mouvement. We have accompanying persons to guide and support you during your steps, according to the needs and the places where our services are available. Do not hesitate to ask for this service, people are there ready to help, and without any judgment. We are all in the same situation, to different degrees.

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Reunion services

Offered services

Individual or group support, you will find a wide range of services within our organization, as much for the adopted person, the parent of origin, the adopting parent as the siblings.

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Support group

Our regional meetings, in various forms (coffee-meeting or meal in a given place), allow you to meet other people living a situation similar to yours, to discuss and/or share your experience, to hear testimonials, listen to speakers, find help in your efforts and, of course, to be informed about the most recent news concerning the world of adoption, post adoption and reunion, etc. These are not therapy groups or psychological meetings, but beautiful fraternal, friendly meetings, with respect for everyone.
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Telephone help

You want information, talk about your situation, be listened to and understood, you can contact us by phone. Each of the operational regions, including the head office, offer this service.
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We offer a personalized support service when desired, in different forms, according to each person's needs and places of residence. This service is offered before, during and after the reunion, if applicable. We may meet with you individually or chat with you in telephone conversations or other communication media.

By being a member of the Retrouvailles Movement, if the reunion is made by the CISSS/CIUSSS/SASIE, you can request to be accompanied by the Mouvement Retrouvailles. If the person you are looking for accepts, we will be at your side.

Note that our organization works only with volunteers, concerned by the post-adoption/reunion. Their experience is based on what they have been through and on the years of self-giving that each person has. We are not psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers or other professionals, and we may not be able to provide adequate follow-up. In such a case, we notify our member and suggest other avenues.
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File processing

Your file is unique and confidential. It is treated with the respect and promptly as possible. When the documents required for your registration are complete, your membership is entered in our provincial database. If we are able to establish a concordance with the file of another member, before informing you, we carry out a double check with the CISSS/CIUSSS/SASIE holding the adoption file, when it is possible. If there is no match to your membership, your file remains "active" and is automatically revised for each new membership entered in the database. We only contact you if there is a match or for the collection of additional information.

Please note that we do not have access to the adoption file, which is why we are not able to do actual research, unless you already have in hand the personal information of the person sought, following your identity communication request to the CISSS/CIUSSS/SASIE.

Note that it is important to notify us of any new information and any changes to your contact information, both at the Mouvement Retrouvailles and at the CISSS/CIUSSS responsible for your file.
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Café-rencontre - Montérégie -7 juin 2024

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31 May 2024

Souper-rencontre - Régions Frontenac/Estrie - 31 mai 2024

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03 June 2024
Centre des congrès de Lévis

Forum - COCON Adoption Québec

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