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Mouvement Retrouvailles is a non-profit organization founded in 1983. It now has more than 14 000 members and maintains offices in all regions of Quebec.

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Guide and accompany thousands of people concerned by adoption to come together and maintain harmonious relations by increasing mutual understanding of each of them.

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Organization history

Mouvement Retrouvailles has existed since 1983. Volunteer movements always come into being to meet the specific needs of people with common interests. And we are no exception to this rule. At Mouvement Retrouvailles, it was issues concerning adoption which brought together our volunteers, i.e. helping out adopted, non-adopted, birth parents and adoptive parents.

You have to go back to 1976 to retrace the first steps which led to the creation of Mouvement Retrouvailles. And more precisely to Sherbrooke in November, 1976 when Mr Jean McConnel established an agency whose purpose was searching for abandoned or adopted children, better known by its French abbreviation: AREA. AREA’s primary goal was reuniting parents and children by looking for matches amongst the applications submitted by adoptees and birth parents.

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