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Voici les deux dernières nouvelles provenant du COAR concernant le projet de loi en Ontario :


May 8, 2008

Today the MPPs continued to debate Bill 12.  Many of the same issues covered in the debate last week were raised again today.  The Liberals pressed the idea that adopted adults are adults and do not need the added protections proposed by Norm Sterling of the Conservatives. 

Mr. Sterling argued that adoptees abused as children and adopted after September 1, 2008 should have an automatic disclosure veto on their file to protect them from further abuse from their birth parents.  Sterling stated that the Conservatives would not support Bill 12 and that he would campaign in the next election on the promise of adding his amendment to the adoption disclosure law.

Michael Prue of the NDP supported Sterlingʼs proposed amendment but insisted that most of the NDP would support the bill when it came to vote.

We do not know when the debate will continue.  We anticipate that it will be soon.

In solidarity,



May 11, 2008

We learned last night that the politicians may vote on Bill 12 on Wednesday May 14 at 3:00 p.m.  It is entirely possible that this date may change.  We will let you know if we learn of a schedule change. 

If you want to watch the vote simply tell the guard at Queenʼs Park that you want to go to the gallery.  S/he will give you a pass.  Hope to see you there!

In solidarity,



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