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Le 21 avril prochain, le projet de loi 12 en Ontario sera étudié par un comité de politiciens. Ci-après la note du COAR à ce sujet

COAR Bulletin

April 17, 2008

Dear friends,

 Monday April 21 – Public Hearings

On Monday April 21st, Bill 12, the Access to Adoption Records Act will be heard by a committee of politicians at Queen's Park in Toronto. The hearing will be between 3:30 and 6 PM in Committee room #1 on the main floor of the West Wing of the legislative buildings.

 You are invited to be a speaker on a first-come first-served basis. If you want to speak, please call the Administrative Assistant to the Clerk, Kevin Dwyer, at 416-325-3506. You must call before 12 noon this Friday April 18th.

 The catch is we are ONLY allowed to speak on the contents of the Bill "as they relate to disclosure". He said that this refers to sections 48.1 - 48.12 of the Vital Statistics Act.

 We have some concern that the Conservatives will try to introduce even more restrictions on disclosure, so please come and speak up for openness.

Tuesday April 22 – Clause By Clause

On Tuesday April 22, the politicians will go through Bill 12 clause by clause and comment on it.  There is limited seating for this and no one, other than the politicians, is allowed to comment.  We must sit silently. 

COAR will be at both hearings should you wish to join us.


In solidarity,

Michael Grand


Karen Lynn


Wendy Rowney



The COAR Coordinating Committee

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