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We believe that the resolution of the discrimination caused to the adoptees go through a civil class action base on the Human's Rights and Freedom.

Adoption in Quebec: the right to know


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    This site is intended to persons  that have been the object of an adoption consent that they have been adopted or not and to birth parents whose child was hand over to public authorities or to the privates for adoption.  We are a Law Reform Group who wants to modified laws in order to facilitated family reunion and to have better access to medical backgrounds.  Even if this site is link to the reality of Quebec, the arguments and works presented can be useful for other legislatures.


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Important: For those that wish to find their birth families or the child they put in adoption, we suggest that you look up our Useful addresses, telephone numbers and internet links. Our sole purpose is to modify current legislation concerning adoption. Therefore, we cannot reply to personal requests unless some specific legal question is involved.

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